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NOMAD Pumps Clean Up

Picture of Nomad pumps helping clean up Aviation Fuel pipe leak.
Picture courtesy of NZ Herald/newspix.co.nz

In September 2017 the pipeline carrying aviation fuel from the Whangarei refinery to Auckland airport sprung a leak. It appears that a mechanical digger damaged the pipeline while searching for buried kauri logs in Northland. The resulting leak caused the pipeline to be shut down and led to a major shortage of fuel, which meant many cancelled flights for unhappy air travellers.

The leak produced a fair amount of contamination, which naturally caused a lot of concern and spurred urgent efforts to clean up the leaked fuel. Pump & Machinery Co was approached to recommend suitable pumps to remove the fluid from pits dug to gather the fuel and groundwater mixture.

We specified and supplied four Nomad pumps fitted with Viton elastomers, so that the diaphragms and other components would withstand the exposure to aviation fuel. These powerful Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps can be run at any flow rate required merely by adjusting the compressed air supply, which makes them extremely versatile and easy to operate.

The four Nomad pumps were in stock and we delivered them the same day. We were very happy to be part of the solution to remove the contamination, repair the pipeline and get the air travellers on their way again.

See our Nomad Products page for more information on Nomad Pumps and Spares.

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