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NOMAD Replacements For WILDEN Pumps & Spares

Nomad Logo with picture of spare parts

WILDEN pump users can make significant cost savings by switching to NOMAD pumps and aftermarket spares, which are equivalent to Wilden pumps and spares. This enables users to lower their costs without sacrificing quality or reliability.


Users can remove a worn-out Wilden pump from their process and replace it with an equivalent Nomad pump without making any changes to the pipework. They are high quality pumps with excellent performance. Many customers now choose Nomad pumps for new processes rather than a Wilden pump, due to the good Nomad pricing, high quality and performance……and they have a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.


Nomad aftermarket spares are an exact fit when put into Wilden pumps, enabling significant savings to be made due to their lower pricing. They perform as well as original Wilden parts and come with a 5 year warranty……and we will take over the warranty for any Wilden pump that our customers convert to Nomad parts.

International companies using Nomad products include: Nestlé, Kraft, SAB, BHP, Merck, Bayer, Pfizer, Dow Chemicals, BASF, Du Pont, Ecolab, Exxon, Shell, BP, Total, Ford, Toyota, Samsung.

We are confident that customers will be impressed with the quality, fit, longevity, pricing and our backup service for Nomad pumps & spares. Switching from WILDEN to NOMAD will enable users to make significant cost savings without sacrificing quality or reliability.

See our Nomad Products page for more details.

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