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We have been providing pumping and metering solutions throughout New Zealand since 1970.  Our comprehensive range of services ensures that customers need only approach one company to meet all their pump and meter requirements:

Product Selection Advice
Our sales engineers are experienced technical people and relate well to customers because they have a deep understanding of technical issues. They will discuss your requirements and select the best pump or meter to suit your application. On site meetings ensure that all aspects of your process are considered.

After Sales Support
Customers are welcome to contact us for help with fine tuning their pumping or metering processes and optimizing efficiencies. We sell quality products covered by warranties, so customers can buy them with confidence. Spare parts are available and we provide repair and maintenance services to keep your pumps and meters in top condition.

Custom Designed Systems
We can design a pumping or metering system to suit your exact requirements. Some unique applications need custom designed systems to ensure efficient operations. Our engineering team can help you achieve this.

Repair & Maintenance Services
If your pumps or meters break down we can repair and return them to you as quickly as possible to ensure that your operation has minimum downtime. We can also arrange planned maintenance and refurbishment programmes with you. Our workshop engineers can repair most brands of pumps, including those not normally sold by us.

Equipment Build Ups
Our workshops can build up pump-sets for you complete with pump, motor, gearbox, base plate and electronic control equipment if required. Meter-sets can be built in a similar manner, with meter, register, pump, valves, etc. Pump-sets and meter-sets can also be mounted on trailers for mobile operations.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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